As part of your mortgage journey, should this be purchasing or remortgaging, we always advise that you have clear understanding of what is showing on your credit file before making a mortgage application.

This can save you time, money and ultimately ensure that you are advised correctly when we are recommending the most relevant lender and product to you.

We recommend Check My File to our clients* as a way to be completely up to date with everything that is on your credit file, it’s the only credit report that checks data from all four credit agencies, this means that you can provide your Zen Broker with information from Experian , Transunion and Equifax. We can then see everything a lender will see when you make an application to them.

30-day free trial which is £14.99 a month thereafter and can be cancelled at any time.

* Neither Zen Mortgages Ltd nor PRIMIS Mortgage Network is responsible for the accuracy of the information contained within the linked site.